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I Love Living In New York City But I Also See It’s Faults

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Over the holidays, I always reflect on the amazing choices and opportunities Jews have in the city. Where else in the world do they suspend parking rules on Jewish holidays or do the local TV stations (like NY 1) show stars of David on the weather forecast? In every way, it’s easy to be a Jew here. So easy.

However, it’s also a harsh place. While on crutches for my broken ankle, I have seen someone run for a cab, calculating that even though I was waiting I cannot run. Last week, I was out and needed to get down stairs. It was one of my first outings alone with crutches and I needed to hold on to the balustrade and hop down the stairs. I just could not manage the crutches and my bag. I asked two people at the top if they could take my bag and crutches down and they said, “NO”. It reminded me of the Friday night when Meron was four years old and was sick. I went to the lobby to see if I could find a non-Jew to help me. I saw a guy walking in and I asked for help and explained my situation. He looked me in the eye and said, “I am sorry–my pizza will get cold.”

By the way, I like the beggars. They give us the opportunity to teach our children empathy and that life is not perfect for everyone.

Yesterday, we went to Sukkah City in Union Square Park. There were 12 unique succahs on display. They were finalists of a competition sponsored by UJA, Birthright Israel NEXT, etc. What a great way to educate people about Succoth. The proceeds will help feed the homeless. It was such a NY experience.

I love the NY of opportunity and diversity but it would just be so much better if people actually cared.

NY Metroimmas, share your experiences.

Originally published: September 20, 2010


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