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I Want To Reclaim My Body

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

I have always been a chocoholic of note. When Gavin hears ruffling in the middle of the night it’s usually me looking for chocolate in the bedside stand.

My mom always said eating like this would catch up with me and until 5 years ago I pretty much ate what I wanted, including lots of junk, and weight was not a big issue. After my first two babies I regained my slim stature with relative ease.

And then…I had baby #3. Not only did I not lose weight, but I kept gaining weight. In fact, I weigh more now than I did the day I had the c-section for Caily. Each Monday for four years I have promised myself that this is the new beginning and guess what? Nothing. My weight keeps climbing and sadly I have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit. I am wearing my maternity clothes.

Last week I was traveling for work and I kept seeing how many people are fat. At a bar full of college students I was sad to see so many young people overweight. We hear the statistics, we know the damage and many people like me hate what we see in the mirror. Yet we just eat more…

I have to make a change, and I have to change before I leave for Israel and begin another eating fest. The proof of how delicious Israel’s food is the damage to my waistline after spending a summer there each year. I work out 4 times a week but the muscles with the most workout are jaw and stomach!

I have the BIG 40th birthday coming up in 6 months and I want to reclaim my body. I am inviting you to join me. Here is the plan: I am creating a Facebook page for this. You can join the page, share tips and success stories. I will post updates including before and after photos. I would love to see Metroimmas collectively lose 500 pounds. My goal is 30 pounds in 6 months – 5 pounds a month. I will share my successes and failings. You can be part of the challenge. Simply like Jodi’s Weight Loss Challenge on Facebook. Post tips, recipes, photos and, most of all, encouragement. Here’s to looking good and feeling good!

Originally published: June 27, 2012


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