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Impacting The World

If you watch tv, read online media or are on any social media channel you can see common themes of lack of respect, dishonesty, injustice and disunity. Apparently not much changed between the ten generations from Adam to Noach, the people descended to the lowest of the low. The very moral fiber of society was destroyed. There was a total lack of respect. A disregard for another’s possessions. Dishonesty, injustice and immorality became the new norm. Extreme disunity and discord between friends and families.

Then Noah came along as a righteous man! He took a stand for what he believed in. He refused to be influenced by the world around him.

Standing up for one’s beliefs and principles is what makes an ordinary man “extra”-ordinary. What earns him the title of tzaddik.

I truly believe each of us can impact this world. Each of us can make a difference. For me I am passionate about standing up for what is right not easy when it comes to including Caila in society. My fight is not for her but all children regardless of functioning. I guess we all have to ask ourselves how will I be remembered? What did I contribute to the world?

The generation of the flood was about what’s in it for me. We can draw parallels from our society now and choose to be extraordinary people that see the value in each person, all views and all religions.

Perhaps the rainbow with its distinct different colors is a reminder that we are all different yet one people!


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