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In The Right Place, At The Right Time

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

We were in Miami for the last days of Sukkot. A couple that we were close with from New York moved here a few months ago and we were invited to their home for a meal.

The husband arrived at shul on yom tov saying that his wife was in labor. It was a holiday, they had just relocated, and their family all live overseas. The baby came knocking earlier than planned. He was clearly panicking and asked Gav if he could leave their 22-month-old with us. He left us keys to their apartment and suggested we pack a bag for the toddler and eat the food they had prepared for dinner.

Gav and the kids returned from shul and, to my surprise, we had an extra kid. We then went to their apartment for dinner. Even though they were not there and we had never been to their place before, we made ourselves at home. We did not have much food in our hotel room so we were happy for the meal.

The little one did well considering she was dumped with strangers. Aside from one 3:00 A.M. wake up call when she screamed “Mommy!” for 30 minutes, we all fared well. It really made me think how much us mommies know about our little ones. We know what they eat and like and when they sleep and what soothes them. We could only guess about our little guest and hope we were right.

At 8:00 A.M., the dad arrived at the hotel announcing a healthy baby boy had arrived. The three of us drank a bottle of red wine for breakfast and all was good.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Have you ever found yourself in the right place at the right time? Metroimmas, share your stories here.

Originally published: October 3, 2010


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