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It’s Time For A Confession

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I was asked by a company to write a blog on a thumb sucking product. Ironically depending on which way you look at I am either the best person or worst person to write about this

It’s confession time…

Even super human moms have their quirks. I already told you how I do not change diapers. I have another secret….

When I was a kid, I had a blanky appropriately named Sucker Thing. It has been my lifelong companion. As a kid, my parents thought they had banished thumb sucking by putting black pepper on my fingers. Only my nanny knew where I hid Sucker Thing. Gavin was introduced to Sucker Thing and he was advised that we are a package deal . No Sucker Thing – no marriage. I am actually lucky that Gavin thinks it’s kind of cute.

So Sucker Thing has been cut into successively smaller pieces. I keep losing pieces and I am now hanging onto a really small piece. After all, it’s seen 67 countries and countless other places. It has been hidden in bags that accompanied me to university exams, job interviews and business meetings.

Sucker Thing is one of my greatest pleasures–it calms me and makes me feel secure. When Meron had his blanky called Guga, I simple could not tell him big boys don’t have blankies because big mommy does. Meron outgrew his but I did not.

It’s one of those parenting moments when you have to imagine what message you are giving your kid. Funnily enough, when I have discussed this with people, so many adults–including guys–confess to still having rabbits, teddys, blankies, and other childhood mementos.

We as parents invest so much in making our kids feel secure and confident. Is it so bad that we adults hold onto a childhood security blanket? I would love to hear what Metroimma’s have to say on the topic..

Originally published: October 22, 2012


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