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Just Do It

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Just do it: Nike’s logo pretty much sums up my approach to life and tasks! I take on something, make a to-do list and just start doing it!

Someone commented that I work at lightning speed. It was not a compliment, as he said it scares him. We had discussed a project and I was in action and ready to fire. I work in both for profit and non-profit and a real challenge I see is that so many people instead of “ready, aim, fire” do “ready, aim – ready, aim – ready, aim” with so many committees, meetings, discussions and so much less execution.

What got me thinking was all the Mother’s Day advertising I see. I was thinking how moms are always in “Just Do It” mode. We so often have competing tasks, competing responsibilities, and many decisions to make. Mommy mode does not allow for committees, task forces, and action groups. Mommy mode is about just doing what needs to be done.

So a blessing to us moms is that we recognize the greatness we bring to the world, our power to influence our families and the willingness to do what it takes.

Please see this Tribute to The Jewish Mother:

Originally published: May 11, 2012

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