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Living in the Era of Prophecy

Our Rabbis teach us that Prophecy ended more than 2,000 years ago in the era of Ezra and Nehemiah and it is always surprising and confusing to me how many people today seem to think that they are somehow plugged in to the deepest secrets of the universe and how free they are in sharing in a profoundly authoritative way, how we should interpret events that occur in our lives.

Many years ago we were looking to buy the apartment next door to ours in New York City. We heard from the superintendent that the lady next door was moving to an old age home and the apartment was going on the market. However the owners told us they were already in contract with another party and we were very disappointed. Many friends tried to console us by telling us “It is is not meant to be”. A few days later the owners called us to say the deal fell through and they would entertain an offer from us. We bought the apartment and the same people then informed us that “It was meant to be”.

Confusing, was it meant to be or not meant to be or maybe not meant to be on Monday but meant to be on Wednesday? But most importantly, how did that they know what was meant to be and not meant to be?

Two weeks ago I was in New York and had a crazy Friday. At 4am I woke with a headache. While I was scrummaging for a headache tablet in the closet in the dark I knocked my laptop to the ground. I smashed the screen and made a whole in the wooden floor. Later that day as I was taking out the garbage I slammed my finger in the door. It was extremely painful and the ensuing infection has had me on two rounds of antibiotics. That night I was hosting 40 people for dinner and somehow managed to tear my tendon in my ankle- an old injury coming back to haunt me and landed me in a walking boot.

It has been interesting to hear the various interpretations and prophetic insights that people have shared with me. Some people tell me it is a kappara – atonement instead of something worse happening and I should be glad. Others tell me it’s a sign to slow down that I am doing too much – this was the message.

Another friend who runs events with me opined that it is the forces of darkness stopping me from doing good in the world. Those who know how I have struggled moving to Jerusalem suggested it was a sign that New York was spitting me out.

Same series of events with no less than FIVE prophetic interpretations and lessons……….All the modern day prophets share their views while I personally think I am just clumsy.

Originally published: May 28, 2017


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