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My Wish For All Jews

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

On Friday night, we invited many of our Israeli friends to join us at the Kotel. Many of these friends are Gavin’s work colleagues who had lived in New York at one point and we have continued our friendship with them when they returned home. It is so fascinating to me that most of these people have never been to the Kotel on a Friday night. They have never been touched by the magic and spirituality.

One of my friends told me she loved the experience. She made a comment that was so beautiful. She said at the Kotel you see all types of Jews. The chasidish lady, the soldier, the tourist, the yeshiva students and people speaking many languages. She said for just a few moments it made her think that people could put aside their differences and co-exist.

Her words are my blessing and parting wish for all Jews. I hope that we can all share the connection, spirituality, and tranquility that I observe at the wall each week. Let’s turn this taste of possibility into everyday reality.

Originally published: August 10, 2011


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