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Only In Israel

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Only in Israel

Each year I come to Israel, I have more “Only in Israel” experiences. This year is proving to be rich with anecdotal tales and some messages too.

Israeli’s have no qualms about staring. It is not uncommon to see a kid stare, point and comment without any redirection but in Israel the parents stare too. I was out with Caily and saw a mom staring and staring and staring, really unashamedly, staring at Caily. My mama instincts jumped in. I had had enough of this staring even if staring is OK in Israel. I glared right back at her. She came over and apologized for staring, and said “I am a MOT” (Member of the Tribe). She too has a child with Down syndrome and she said she could not believe how beautiful Caily is and that she could not stop staring. Goodbye Momma Grizzly, hello Proud Imma…and message noted about judging others. Only in Israel.

You may have seen from a Facebook post that Gavin was in a car accident. It involved a guy on a Scooter who was taken to the hospital. A few days after the accident, Gavin received a phone call. “Hello, it is Moshe, Moshe from the accident”. Moshe called to tell Gavin that he is OK and that he knows everything happens for a reason and that the Almighty decides. He shmoozed with Gavin about where he works, etc., and then proceeded to ask Gavin if he could pick him up on his way to work and give him a ride somewhere. So a few days later, Gavin gave Moshe a ride and they even went for coffee together. Only in Israel.

On Thursday, I took the kids on a bus from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv during rush hour. Crazy idea — as the average Israeli can trample your kids trying to get on a bus. Once on the bus, we were seated separately. While people did not jump up to facilitate us sitting together, they showed concern for the kids, helping them with seat belts, and making sure they were okay. Then, Caily started complaining that she was cold and asking for a blanket. Next thing I knew, the young guy next to me started asking all the passengers for a sweater. Soon a sweater was passed up and Caily was comfortable.

Metroimmas, I have so many Israel stories and would love to hear yours as well. Share them here

Originally published: July 19, 2011


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