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Showing Our Strength

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I read the above quote a few months ago and thought about all the moms of special needs kids. None of us knew our strength until the day we heard a diagnosis that changed our lives forever changed and tested our strength. Anyone going through trauma, tragedy or major change will no doubt agree.

On Tuesday Israelis yet again had to deal with tragedy. There was another gruesome and cold-blooded terror attack at a synagogue in Har Nof. The whole country was in mourning. It’s so amazing that Israelis don’t become desensitized and apathetic like other countries that have experienced ongoing tragedy. The whole country mourned irrespective of religious and political affiliation. The whole country expressed sadness, attended prayer services and thousands showed respect at funerals. Israelis also show unbelievable strength and in hot water they are even stronger.

I had so many caring friends and family reach out and everyone asked if I was scared. Yes, I do feel scared but we refused to let our lives be affected. My kids walked alone to the school bus, they walked home at night from Bnei Akiva, I went for a run and we sat in outdoor cafés. We all have increased our vigilance but it’s life as normal.

Can you just imagine a city like New York or Toronto if there was a threat of an incoming rocket that could cause major damage? Not one but many each day? The city would be frozen in terror yet in the summer I was here the night the first rockets fell and one hour later people were in bars watching the Soccer World Cup semifinals. Life continued as normal for 6 weeks and thousands of rockets coming overhead. Just recall when the Boston bomber was on the loose one of America’s largest city shut down.

I so wish for peace on our streets and peace in our time. I pray that we should not know tragedy and see no more blood spilled. I also know that our people will always be strong because we have no choice this is the only home for the Jewish people. The hotter the water the more we will show our strength.

Originally published: November 21, 2014


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