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So Many Jewish Bloggers Out There…

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Last week, we had a great launch party for my business, It was a big team effort to pull together but I was so proud of our dedicated team members who spent endless days and sleepless nights planning, coordinating and implementing all of the details.

Just as the Jewish community is commanded to pull together and support each other, the jdeal team followed suit. The end results were worth it. In addition to media coverage in Crains New York, Adweek, The New York Jewish News, and Business Insider. The story was also picked up by a collection of well-known websites and blogs, such as,,, and, among others. We also had an amazing turnout with guests ranging from our vendor sponsors to media representatives to an esteemed collection of Jewish/mom bloggers who were tweeting from the minute they stepped through the door.

The party also included the announcement of the finalists of the jdeal Battle of the Bloggers competition which we ran for three weeks leading up to the event. Congratulations to all our creative finalists and to Chaviva Galatz,, who won the grand prize of $2,000 along with the title of 2011 jdeal Ambassador.

So many people commented that they had no idea that there are so many Jewish bloggers. In fact, Jewish mom bloggers are one of the biggest blogger groups out there. I joke that Jewish moms are perfect bloggers, as they are usually very educated, highly opinionated and often bored.

Jewish moms are decision makers, gatekeepers, and opinion influencers. As bloggers, they amplify the above. Each mom reaches so many more people than her family and friends, and can really be an agent for change, an advocate for causes, a cheerleader for brands, and so much more.

I recently took up the cause of my special needs daughter, Caily, with a facebook page, Caily has thousands of fans rooting for her. There are plenty of moms out there who use blogs, websites and facebook pages to change the world, raise funds for their sick kids or just join in a conversation.

Metroimma’s, tell us how you have impacted the world…

Originally published: January 25, 2011

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