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Some Things You May Not Know About Me

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

So, I have shared a few stories but here is a consolidated list:

I have three kids and I don’t change diapers. I am proud of the fact that I avoided at least 10,000 diapers in my parenting years… you can read my blog that launched my blogging career here.

Yes I still have my security blanket, Mr Sucker thing, who travels with me everywhere – I mentioned this in a previous blog. I am lucky that my husband thinks it’s cute!

I have traveled to 68 countries.

My husband and I did not grow up religious. One funny story for us is that we were asked to be the kvatter at so many bris ceremonies. That’s the couple that carries the baby into the room. We thought it was amazing that so many people considered us good friends. We then found out that it is supposed to be a segula–good luck to have a baby. So, while I was adamant about not starting a family until I had seen 40 countries, we had people praying for us to have a baby.

As newlyweds, we lived in many outback places. At some point, my mikveh was the Antarctic ocean. We have real adventure stories of our car getting stuck in the sand, treacherous waters and more!

I met my husband when I was 17 in Jerusalem. I have known him for 20 years and have been married for almost 18 years. For all the matchmakers out there, he was lost and asked if I speak English. I said “ja” and we realized we were both South African and started talking. He loves to say he picked up his wife on a street corner.

A fact that I find mind boggling: I spent time studying at a religious girls’ seminary called Neve. There were 24 girls in my building and four of us have children with Down syndrome.

I was actually kicked out of Neve because I did the biggest no-no anyone could do. I had a guy come to my room. He was my best friend’s boyfriend who was bringing me stuff from South Africa. They are married and I have a great war story.

I am an absolute and total chocoholic. I only eat good chocolate. In the middle of the night, I reach for a chocolate bar!!! In desperate moments for something sweet, I am known to eat sugar by the spoonful or sachet.

I have the memory of an elephant. I can remember random facts like what I wore to a dinner five years ago, where I was on a given date seven years ago, who attended which events and when. However, last week when my cell phone was out of battery, I could not call my husband as I cannot recall his cell number.

Finally, the very responsible and very serious Jodi can actually enjoy a good party. To see the other side, you will have to join us on a camping trip when I am chilled. Then you will learn my secrets.

Metroimmas, tell us something unexpected about yourself…we’d love to get to know you!

Originally published: May 12, 2011


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