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Traveling Without Kids

We have had two very adventurous weekends away without the kids. Last weekend Gavin had a conference in New Orleans and we decided to make a weekend activity out of it. This past weekend we were in Cape Town, South Africa. Pretty exotic, huh? We were going for Pesach anyway so I struck a deal with my parents: they take three cranky, jet-lagged, disoriented kids and we retreat to CT for some R & R after a 17 hour flight. Of course, I did not know when we planned this that New Orleans would emerge.

Two weekends, lots of fun, and LOTS of PLANNING! Lists and lists and lists and more lists. Luckily, we have many babysitters in New York–our single friends who are willing to play mom, my friend Rina moved in with her three nieces and helped out at Camp Samuels. The kids had a ball and Rina has stayed at our place regularly so she is familiar with all.

Luckily, my kids are easy-going and were excited about staying at Sabba and Savta’s even though its been two years since they were last at their home in South Africa. My son told me that he was going to have movie night and a midnight feast and my daughter asked us to come home as late as possible–we got the message! They know that they will be spoiled.

We were also spoiled. Late sleep-ins, no diaper changes, no cries of “I am bored–what can I do?” Just time spent going out to dinner, listening to live music, and more. So yes, it was worth the planning and detailed list writing–so worth it that I think every couple deserves at least one weekend a year ALONE!


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