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Warm Winter Drinks To Make The Cold Go Away

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As I heard my alarm go off this morning and I stretched out not wanting to wake up but knowing that I had to eventually leave my comfy warm bed, I realized that winter is definitely here. I know that this thought should have struck me a while ago, but I guess I was too busy to notice!

So I have decided that I will not let winter get me down, rather I’m going to look at the bright side of the darkest season – hot, delicious, milky drinks!

Most of us start our day off with a coffee, no matter what time of year it is. But with winter comes the opportunity to have hot drinks not only as a wake up call but throughout the day, simply to warm our frozen bits.

As you know, I do a lot of entertaining and this season I’m trying to make some new hot drinks for my guests to enjoy. I quite like the Heering Liqueur and have therefore decided on these two new easy recipes to delight our taste buds and defrost our insides.

Coffee Latte

1 ½ oz Coffee Heering Liqueur

Steamed Milk (may use skim)

Pour Coffee Heering into a mug, add steamed milk, garnish with chocolate shavings

This one is perfect if it’s going to be a long fun night, a great replacement for coffee at a party!

Cherry Hot Chocolate

Simply make your favorite hot chocolate and add 1 ½ oz of Cherry Heering Liqueur. A suggestion is to add marshmallows and hot chili flakes to give it that extra kick.

It’s also a good idea to simply have all the ingredients out for your guests to make their own. Make sure to have a suggested recipe, but guests may prefer their own quantities and who knows, maybe for next year you’ll have an even more creative hot drink to serve!

So what’s your favorite part about winter?

Originally published: December 7, 2012


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