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Why I Love Israel

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We successfully launched buyisraelweek this week and Israel has been on my mind often. While we have been pushing products and services to help support the Israeli economy in face of the vicious attacks from the BDS – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, I was thinking about my love for the land.

As a kid, my grandfather decided to send me and my cousin to summer camp in South Africa. It was a last-minute decision and the camp that still had room for us was Betar, The youth movement of the secular right wing Likkud movement. I had tons of fun and, for more than 12 years of going to camp, I was certainly infused with a very specific ideology. For many years that ideology shaped my view of Israel.


-The land of our forefathers

-The land of miracles

-The land of past and present trials and tribulations

-The land of good food, great beaches and rude people

-The homeland for the Jews

-The Israel I love is all of these things…and more. Israeli wine is my favorite wine; a great wine producing climate and the influence of French winemakers makes Israeli wines top notch.

I really appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that was shared in Dan Singers “Start up nation” that talks about Israel’s business success and It also talks about the lack of barriers in society that allow businesses to problem solve and to innovate. My husband works for an Israeli company and I sometimes I hear his Skype conference calls and comments like, “Are you crazy or stupid with this idea?” In the US, this would cause major backlash on a team. In Israel, this is just talking business.

I am always overwhelmed by the diversity of charities that support so many causes. It’s not surprising that people who understand the value of Tzedakah give so much. What amazes me is that so many causes are touched by such passionate people. In fact, today we are featuring charity deals on BUYISRAELWEEK so show you care..

My favorite movies are Israeli film festival movies. Each movie focuses on a microcosmic issue in Israeli society and there is no shortage of issues. These movies make me appreciate how complex Israeli society is and how amazing it is that our people live together – ok, it’s a loud, noisy democracy but, yes, a dynamic one.

And I love the Kotel – Western Wall. I love seeing Jews from all over the world and across the religious and political spectrum gather there. A Friday night at the wall is a taste of what Israel will be like when the Mashiach comes–everyone getting along because they are Jews. We ran a very successful and controversial deal on jdeal and now on Buyisraelweek. You can pay someone to pray for you at the Wall… This deal sparked great discussion in the blogger sphere and Facebook – how can you pay someone to pray for you? I will save the debate but we did have an overwhelming response and I think the reason is so many Jews understand that this is the place of ultimate spirituality and if you cannot be there yourself having someone as an emissary is good too.

I could go on all day but I want to hear from you, Metroimmas, about what you love about Israel.

Originally published: December 1, 2011


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