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Athens Musings

Athens is so lively- packed bars and restaurants everywhere. It is such a contrast to the feeling in Israel.

I have been to about 80 Chabad houses and we always meet people we know from events. Again we met Israelis from Israel who we know and they have temporarily relocated.

We love hiking and it’s one of our favorite winter activities. We have been scared to hike in Israel off the beaten track. Yesterday’s hike was great. Sadly I had the cynical thought ….we were on a quiet trail around historic ruins and I thought at least I don’t have to worry about being murdered. The concrete huts were all weather shelters and not bomb shelters.

It’s a weird feeling to be in a place that people are enjoying a normal life. We only have to read the WhatsApp news updates to be brought back to the reality of war. So much sad news.


Israeli tourists in Greece 🇬🇷

On a hike in Greece and you see a concrete structure and make a mental note of where the bomb shelter is.

We heard a car backfire and we all jumped.

I had a shower and realized I could wear pyjamas instead of my new sleeping gear of sweatpants and t-shirt and not worry about running to a shelter in case of a siren.


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