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Broken but whole

As we go into shabbat, we hear of another terrorist attack. This morning, we had news of another fallen soldier just 20 years old! I read the devastating post of a child who learned his father, who he thought was a hostage, was declared killed by Hamas. Never ending heartbreak and pain.

In this week’s Torah portion of Trumot, we learn about Moshe bringing down the Ten Commandments on a tablet from Sinai, only to see Bnei Israel encircling the Golden Calf in celebration The pain and disappointment were too much for Moses to bear. The tablets became heavy in his hands and heart. He threw them down, causing them to break. The holy fragments were collected by Moses and subsequently lovingly placed in the Ark.

The second set of tablets were placed in the Ark with the first set. Just as the pieces are stored in the ark, so are the broken pieces of our life kept in our hearts, not to be discarded, eliminated, and forgotten from our memories.

We will never forget the pain of the Jewish people and those who have sacrificed so much. Like the tablets, the people of Israel are broken and whole.

Shabbat shalom


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