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"Free will" that G-d ‘has given us’

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

In the last week I have been astounded to see the US fundamentally switch its philosophy on the vaccination. The Federal Government, Municipal Governments like NYC and hundreds of mega brands adopted vaccination policies. Likewise in Israel the Government this week stepped up requirements for access to society.

It’s interesting that this Shabbat we will read the Torah portion of Re’eh. At the beginning of the Parasha, the Torah deals with the issue of "free will" that G-d ‘has given us’.

The Torah goes into details about curses and blessings. One of the verses makes it clear that man has the right to choose.

However, not all paths are equal, and the choices must be directed. There is a path that leads to a 'curse', and there is a path that leads to 'blessings'.

When a certain choice is contrary to a fundamental value or an important moral principle, or the choice of one may infringe on the rights and values of the other, or of the public, laws and regulations are required to restrict and regulate human conduct. You cannot just steel or murder or cheat the tax man just because you choose to!

Since March 20 the only thing we know for sure is we know nothing for sure. In a world that keeps changing and requiring us to Pivot I bless us all with HEALTH:

Here to do the right thing

Embrace change

Appreciate our gifts

Look at others with open eyes

Together in unity

Hope for a better tomorrow

Shabbat shalom


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