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  • Jodi Samuels

I Feel So Sad!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

How the world can change in 2 years.

How my world changed so much in 2 years.

Today I was looking at my Facebook memories. My post from 2 years ago popped up. It was my father’s 70th birthday.

My cousin was getting married and the extended family from around the world were coming. My brother in Australia decided to surprise my parents and come for the wedding. I had recently been in South Africa visiting family over Succoth. I had work responsibilities in NY so I had no intention of going. My brother suggested we do a surprise birthday for my dad while all the family was visiting. I decided I had to join the celebrations for a few days even if it meant 36 hours of flying in 4 days.

My parents truly had no idea we were coming. They arrived at a big family Shabbat meal and were greeting family, hugging their grandchildren when they noticed us. It was a big deal for them as they have 3 children in 3 countries and this was only the 5th time we were all together in 20 years.

On the Monday we went out for lunch with my parents while the surprise party was prepared. They had no clue. It was a beautiful party. Who would know how much life would change just a few months later. Covid. My mother passing away from Covid. Friends who celebrated passing away from Covid. My dear father struggling with post Covid health issues and depression from losing my mom.

Covid I really hate you!

As I look back on the photos I don’t remember the hours of travel or stress involved in the logistics. I only have a full heart that I had the opportunity.

If we have learnt one thing in Covid the only thing we know for sure us that we know nothing for sure!

The lesson I learnt was we always need to show up for celebrations. We need to always count our blessings and never waste an opportunity to celebrate life!

Dad, happy birthday

Wishing you health, happiness and abundant blessings until 120!

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