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Make Each Day Count: You're In Charge

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Write your own story.

Life can get noisy. Between the buzz of social media, the endless news cycles, and the advice of friends and family, it's easy to lose our sense of direction. But here's a simple truth: you're the captain of your ship.

1. Every Day is a New Start

When you wake up each morning, think of it as hitting the reset button. You've got a brand new day ahead, packed with all sorts of possibilities. If we see every day as a fresh opportunity, it’s like getting a second chance, over and over again. So why not make the most of it?

2. Your Life, Your Story

Imagine your life as a book, and every day you add a new page. The big question is, who's doing the writing? Are you letting others make choices for you? Or are you grabbing the reins? Sure, we can't control everything, but we can choose how we handle what comes our way. It’s about taking charge and making decisions that reflect who we are and what we value.

3. Believe in Yourself

Trusting yourself is key. If you don't think you can shape your future, it's easy to let others step in. But this isn’t about being arrogant; it’s about knowing what you're capable of and having the guts to go after what you want.

4. The JICNY Way

Here at JICNY, we’ve seen the power of coming together. People from all walks of life connecting, learning, and growing. It's a reminder that while we each have our own story, it's the folks we meet along the way that make it all the richer.

5. The Caila Way

When Caila my daughter was diagnosed on the 3rd day of her life with Down syndrome, my husband and I decided we would write her story: the story of inclusion infused with hope that she could be accepted. Period. No justification. We also knew that if we did not like what we saw we would need to be the ones to lead the change.

Golda Meir: Golda had a rough start. From the streets of Kyiv to the U.S. and then to Palestine, she faced her fair share of challenges. But she didn’t let anything or anyone hold her back. She climbed the ladder and became Israel’s first female Prime Minister. That's determination for you.

Steven Spielberg: Spielberg got knocked down a couple of times. Twice rejected from film school, he could’ve quit. But instead, he kept on making movies, giving us some real classics. His story? Don’t let setbacks define you.

Sheryl Sandberg: Sheryl, a big name at Facebook and a voice for women in leadership, has faced tough times. But even in the face of personal tragedy, she used her experiences to lift others up. It's about finding strength in challenges and using it to make a difference.

Gratitude Matters

An integral aspect of shaping our destiny and making each day count is cultivating a sense of gratitude. Gratitude isn't just about recognizing the good in our lives; it's about acknowledging the foundational elements that allow us to chase our dreams. Every challenge faced, every lesson learned, and even every setback, provides us with a unique perspective and strength. The Jewish tradition teaches us to start each day with a simple prayer of thanks, the "Modeh Ani," acknowledging the gift of a new day. By cultivating a daily practice of gratitude, we ground ourselves in the present, cherishing what we have while simultaneously being motivated to strive for more. In a world filled with endless aspirations and pursuits, taking a moment to be grateful anchors us, enriching our journey with a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Take Aways

Make every day count. You've got the tools and the power to shape your journey. And remember, no matter how twisty the road gets, keep pushing, keep dreaming, and keep being you.


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