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  • Jodi Samuels


What is so shocking about Kanye West spewing antisemitic rants leading to neo-nazis demonstrating openly with no fear of consequences is that for the most part, there is silence out there.

Had Kanye been going on tirades about another ethnoreligious group, and if these neo-nazis would hang their hateful incitement propaganda on a main California freeway about another social group, there would be so much outcry across the media. Moreover, people would not think twice about speaking up against it both on and off social media. Kanye would surely have been canceled within 24 hours.

Instead, Kanye went after the Jews. This has only increased his popularity (he has more followers than there are Jews in the world). America is showing tolerance of and staying silent about antisemitism of this proportion, while it is mainly the Jewish media and figureheads who are speaking out against it. Clearly, society has completely lost its way. It can become scary for the Jews.

Words have consequences.

Silence is not an option.

Jodi Samuels,

Jewish International Connection

first posted on Jodi's Voice social media October 24, 2022.


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